The Benefits of Directv Xtra
Tue, 09 Jan 2018 19:12:10 +0000

I know it’s hard to imagine for millennials, but there was a time in television history when there were only a handful of channels. If you didn’t like I Love Lucy or The Lone Ranger, you had to turn to radio for entertainment. Of course in today’s world, there are more Directv television packages than … Continue reading "The Benefits of Directv Xtra"

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Golden Globe Predictions
Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:09:50 +0000

The Golden Globes are this Sunday. It seems like only yesterday when we were recapping the nominations. Time moves fast during the holidays. There are lots of things to love about the Globes, as compared to other award shows anyway. First off, it’s one of the few that celebrates both film *and* television. That means … Continue reading "Golden Globe Predictions"

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January Television Preview
Tue, 02 Jan 2018 18:23:15 +0000

In our opinion, there are two types of people in this world: those who look behind, and those who look ahead. Okay, these sort of categorizations based on general characteristics are obviously ludicrous. That won’t stop us from making them. 2017 was, um, an interesting year – one that historians will undoubtedly study from a … Continue reading "January Television Preview"

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The Best (and Worst) of Television in 2017
Thu, 28 Dec 2017 18:11:53 +0000

2017. To say it’s been a tumultuous year would be an understatement. This is usually the case during the first year of a new presidency, but it feels as though that 2017 was hit with an extra dose of turbulence. There were a plethora of major news events that would have dominated the news cycle … Continue reading "The Best (and Worst) of Television in 2017"

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The Best Christmas Episodes in Television History
Wed, 20 Dec 2017 18:10:04 +0000

Just like with every year, December happened fast. It felt like Thanksgiving was only yesterday, but Christmas is already only less than a week away. For procrastinators who have yet to start their Christmas shopping, it’s red alert time (not that I, uh, know anything about this). While Christmas is the ostensible holiday of joy … Continue reading "The Best Christmas Episodes in Television History"

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1. proper placement for atmos upfire speakers?
i'm running a 5.2.2 atmos setup in a VERY small room i've read a few guides most say to angle the atmos upfires so they point at your MLP i've did...
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2. The Holdout on Hulu - In Development
‘The Holdout’ Thriller Drama Series From Graham Moore & Timberman-Beverly In Works At Hulu EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation involving...
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3. The Curse on Showtime - In Development
Showtime Orders ‘The Curse’ Comedy Pilot From the Safdie Brothers & Nathan Fielder EXCLUSIVE: Showtime has given a pilot green light to The Curse,...
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4. Which AVR would be best for my situation?
I'll be getting a used pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX2s and a matching RX Centre and will need a receiver. Usage will be about 80% HT and 20% music....
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5. how to calculate for per hour watt consumtion?
Pro diy subs powered with a pro amp? Will power consumtion depend on source material if it is bass heavy? I am trying to calculate power...
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